The Hypnotic State


The Hypnotic State

 Hypnotic State

The hypnotic state is a common occurrence that happens throughout your day.  Such as:

  • when you are focused inwards remembering a previous conversation (and forget to take your exit off the highway)
  • when you are daydreaming
  • the state right before falling asleep or just as you are waking and you’re not quite “back in the room”
  • the state of inner reflection while looking out the window
  • the focused state of meditation
  • the dream state

Hypnotherapy Uses the Hypnotic State to Gain Understanding and Create Change

What happens in hypnotherapy is that we utilize this hypnotic state to:

  • to communicate with your symptom or a body part and find the underlying cause and their resolution
  • to resolve past memories and traumas that are blocking you from moving forward
  • to re-educate your immune system to not over-react to allergens or your own body
  • to break habits or behavior such as procrastinating or forgetting to check your calendar
  • to change a deep core belief such as “I’m not worthy”

“One of the interesting ironies about hypnosis is that old fantasy that it takes away control,’ says Dr. David Spiegel, professor and associate chair of psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine and a leading expert on the practice. ‘It’s actually a way of enhancing people’s control, of teaching them how to control aspects of their body’s function and sensation that they thought they couldn’t.‘”  Newsweek, Altered States