Stop! Pain is Not the Problem


What do you do when a client comes into your office with pain and wants you to get rid of it?

  1. Teach them self hypnosis so they can imagine transferring numbness using the “hand in a bucket of ice” technique to the pain area
  2. Create a hypnosis recording that dissolves the pain and have them listen to it daily
  3. Talk to the pain to understand the underlying cause. Work on that as your priority.

Careful with just providing solutions (1) and (2). When we only work on ridding their pain by anesthetizing, shrinking or dissolving the manifesting symptom, we are not creating health.

The body does not randomly ache or create hormonal instabilities or stop cleaning out cancerous cells until they become the size of baseballs accidentally.  It is responding to your client’s environment – to both the physical (toxins, malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle) and also the mental* (behaviors, beliefs and emotions).  And this second factor happens to be the area that your skills in hypnotherapy and NLP are the most powerful solutions to.

* This factor of chronic disease and pain is well known in modern science as well as eastern and western medicine:

  • Quantum Physics refers to it as the influence of consciousness and mind
  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) – the psyche
  • Epigenetics  – environmental signals
  • Chinese Medicine  –  the seven emotions effecting Qi
  • Mind-body medicine – neuropeptides or molecules of emotions
  • Functional Medicine – psychosocial or psychospiritual factors
  • Western medicine calls it psychological stress.

All agree that the mental environment, mind and emotions, are key components in the onset, exacerbation and recurrence of chronic disease.

So when your client comes in with a physical ailment, don’t stay on the surface level of their pain.  Help them understand that their bodies are their allies and work together with their symptoms to heal the underlying mental cause. Their bodies will thank you!

To creating true health.