Creating a Powerful Healing Remedy

I believe that one of the obstacles to healing is the sense of helplessness and disempowerment we experience when it comes to physical ailments. We feel we need to take something or have a specialist heal our bodies for us. We’ve been trained since early childhood that the doctor or the medication will make it all better. – Eva M Clark

What Really Heals the Body

Other than antibiotics that wipe out everything in their wake, most healing is self-healing. Cortisol and steroids pump the body into action to begin the process of self-healing; doctors set broken bones and place stitches to align the skin and bones so that self-healing creates as little scarring as possible; and beta-blocker and activator are given to stimulate or to reduce reactions of the body; but the healing itself is done by the body. The body has been healing itself since the embryonic state. It is programmed that way.
Though this seems obvious, most clients have lost that understanding. A client with Parkinson’s requests help to get her body to produce more dopamine because ‘it no longer knows how’. A client with MS says that her ‘nervous system is broken’. A client diagnosed with cancer thinks his immune system is weak and therefore he needs all the help he can get to fight the enemy within.
These clients and their common reaction to disease demonstrates over and over a belief in a body that has become broken and confused. And they all are searching for the remedy that will put it back together again.

The Power of Ritual and Intention to Heal

But what is really doing the healing? Double-blind studies show that placebo surgery can be just as effective as standard arthritic knee surgery and sugar pills can be taken as antidepressants for low levels of depression. These studies challenge practitioners, to use their skills to discover what is really doing the healing and how can we harness that and empower our clients to heal themselves.

Case Study – Using Disease to Create a Powerful Healing Remedy

One client’s multiple sclerosis asked her to write more often (using the method “Speaking to Disease in Trance” taught in the Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy Training). It told her to find something to write about every day. Doing so would give her clarity, direction, and groundedness. She decided her daily healing remedy would be to wake up early, snuggle into her armchair with a warm cup of tea, and write for 20 minutes. She put her writing pens in an old prescription bottle to remind herself that she was using her writing as her prescription to health. She now realizes that writing keeps her symptom-free. If she hasn’t taken the time to write for a few weeks, she can feel her anxiety, and her symptoms begin to come back.

What remedies are your clients needing to activate their self-healing?

Creating a Powerful Healing Remedies Webinar

Watch the video below to learn how to design a powerful healing remedy using the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) method of mapping across resources.  Are you ready to empower your clients?


 Mind-based Healing teaches practitioners how to address the psychosocial factors behind disease.  It is not a substitute for Western Medicine. Nothing described in the Mind Based Healing (MbH) website is designed to replace good western medical treatment that addresses the physical factors behind disease.