Raynaud’s Syndrome Relief

Using hypnotherapy & NLP

Raynaud’s syndrome is characterized by blood vessel constriction causing the skin to turn pale or patch red to blue. It is usually precipitated by exposure to cold temperatures and/or emotional upset. There is no cure for Raynaud’s.

In the same manner, as allergies seem to be a phobic response of the immune system to a non-living matter (as if it where a deadly virus), Raynaud’s syndrome seems to be a phobic response of the nervous system to cold.

Raynaud’s Syndrome Relief through NLP

By applying the same process used to eliminate an allergy – the NLP allergy process- Eva M Clark of MINDbasedHealing was able to create relief in a client’s Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

In the case described below, Eva describes the results of the process.

NLP for raynaulds