About Eva M Clark


Eva M Clark founded MbH to provide leadership in the development and application of mind-based practices to effectively treat the psychosocial factors behind chronic disease.

Eva M Clark

Eva M Clark has dedicated her career to understanding and working with the connection between the mind and the body. She discovered, early on in her training, that the mind has a powerful influence on our immune system and our health. Not only is the mind a contributor to physical disease; it can also lead the body back into health.

Personal History

Eva M Clark has been passionate about people’s perception and response to life and to their ailments since she was a small child. In preschool, she was always drawn to those with physical disabilities and their crutches, wheelchairs, and braces. Her mom kept telling her to “leave those people alone; they’ve got enough on their plate!” but she was just fascinated by their coping skills and the challenges they faced and was always asking them questions about their lives.

While growing up, Eva’s mother was a medical librarian, and her father was a recurrent patient of their local hospital (having had a major heart attack when he was 42 years old). Thus, she was at home in hospital wards keeping Dad company and reading medical journals from her mother’s library. After high school, she began to study bio-medical engineering but felt so dispassionate about many of her classes (electrical engineering was dreadful) that she changed careers after her first year and dove into architecture for the next 18 years. Fully realizing her creativity but not her need to serve those challenged by life. Since 2007 she has slowly returned to her passion for the human capacity to heal and adapt.

“My whole career has been focused on understanding and working with the connection between the mind and the body.”

Education & Credentials

Eva M. Clark MA CCHt practiced as an architect for the first half of her professional career.  Since 2007 she has explored beliefs, behaviors, and motivations and their effects on the body; first through coaching and NLP, and then with studies in transpersonal and health psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, and medical hypnosis.

She has made the body-mind connection her focus and managing multiple sclerosis with hypnotherapy her specialty.

See LinkedIn for a detailed description of her training and experience.

Specialization in Hypnotherapy for Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Eva M. Clark began to take an interest in hypnotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in early 2013. She found that very little research had been done and what little she did find was mainly focused on pain management.  She spent two years completely dedicated to testing and designing the most effective hypnotherapy program for managing multiple sclerosis.  In 2015 she published her findings.  She now offers her services to help resolve the factors contributing to MS in her private practice.

In 2017 Eva established MINDbasedHealing as a nonprofit to raise public awareness of and train other practitioners in this alternative therapy, a mind-body therapy, for addressing the psychosocial factors behind chronic disease.  Eva is currently the key trainer.


The fundamental philosophy behind the alternative therapy taught at MINDbasedHealing is that you are not a mechanical machine that becomes defective, breaks down, and needs replacements (with surgery or in the form of hormones and other chemicals). Instead, your body is an organic being that responds and reflects your emotions, your thoughts, and your core beliefs – what MINDbasedHealing calls mental patterns.

As an example – when you are internally conflicted about something, your body, and especially your immune system, reflects that conflict. In a nutshell, the body reflects the mental patterns you express (or don’t express). Through the body-mind communication you achieve with this alternative therapy (which includes hypnosis, NLP, parts works, and guided visualization), you can understand the incongruences and negative thought patterns, realign and adopt new empowering patterns, and bring yourself – your body, mind, and spirit –  back into balance and wholeness.

“Every headway we have in communicating effectively with our bodies and influencing the subconscious and body-mind is a huge advancement in the healing arts.  I hope that one-day health care services will offer this therapy as a standard procedure to treat disease, especially autoimmune disorders.” – Eva M Clark