Disclaimer Medical Hypnotherapy

Disclaimer Medical Hypnotherapy

Disclaimer Medical Hypnotherapy -Practitioners of the Alternative Therapy taught in MINDbasedHealing are not licensed, physicians. They are not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions, or treat mental disorders. They use hypnotherapy, NLP, and Gestalt therapy together to help clients achieve freedom from restrictive thoughts and limiting beliefs, to assist in solving personal problems, develop motivation and to achieve goals.

See MINDbasedHealing’s full Client Disclosure Document below:

Download the entire client disclaimer as a PDF here.

All Healing is Self-Healing

No claim is made by the authors of this site as to the inherent therapeutic healing powers of Mind-based Healing, in fact, quite to the contrary, the authors believe that all healing power lies within ourselves and that healing takes place when we establish good communication with our unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is an Alternative Therapy that Addressed the Psychosocial Factors behind Disease. It is Not a Substitute for Western Medicine

Nothing described in the Mind Based Healing (MbH) website is designed to replace good western medical treatment that addressed the physical factors behind disease.