Deepening Your Inductions

We have all learned how to make our inductions faster, but how do we make them deeper? In this presentation, you will learn how to lead your clients, especially those that resist hypnosis, into a deep state of trance with just a few simple tips.

Tips to Deepen Your Inductions

  1. Give your clients the suggestions in their out-breaths.
  2. Do not speak to them with your regular voice (speaking while tensing y0ur diaphragm). Instead, speak your suggestions while you are breathing out slowly.
  3. Use the NLP Pace-Pace-Lead technique.  Make two statements that are true and then a statement to lead them into trance or change.
    •  Your sitting in the chair (pace). Your eyes are closed (pace). And you find yourself easily relaxing into trance (lead).
    • You desire to resolve that problem (pace). Your body is settling in the chair (pace). And the change can happen rather rapidly (lead).
  4. Stack your inductions.  Don’t just do an induction and a deepening.  Considering doing 4 or more! For example:
    • Use the breath to relax the body.
    • Experience a relaxing wave moving through the body.
    • Have them focus on a body part that is deeply relaxing and then spread that relaxation throughout the rest of the body.
    • Count 5 to 1 and deepen the relaxation with each number.

By bringing all these tips together, you can help your client go into a very deep state of relaxation in just six minutes.  You don’t need to spend 30 minutes to help your clients experience a very deep level of trance.

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