Student Testimonials


 Medical Hypnotherapy Students

Eva is totally in touch with the body-mind paradigm.  She understands how the emotions, beliefs, and life story speak through and as the body.  She is unwavering in her understanding and presentation of this paradigm, thorough and effective in chunking it down and teaching it, and her approach is successful with patients.  I feel confident there is a gift or new insight for anyone who takes a class with Eva M Clark at MINDbasedHealing. I recommend a class with Eva for anyone who believes in or works with the mind-body connection.   –  M.E. Moore, CCHt

Eva has a structure to work with chronically ill clients and if it’s a field that you want to work in, taking her course would be a wise investment. – Alex E, UK

Eva is a masterful teacher and provides excellent materials to support the protocol that can be used immediately with clients. The program is very thorough and covers everything from the consent form through the full protocol for sessions with demonstration and practice. I highly recommend this program for anyone who would like to lead their clients to better health and lasting change. – Lori McDonnell

I highly recommend the MINDbasedHealing for chronic disease training. I’m a certified medical support hypnotherapist and Eva Clark’s training expanded my paradigm of thinking and practice. She is an expert researcher with a gift for synthesizing information from diverse sources. She provided a foundation of the science of MINDbasedHealing by tracing the cultural separation of mind and body common in western culture all the way back to the 1600s. I was able to implement aspects of my learning immediately with clients, with notably positive results. Through findings from her own research with clients experiencing chronic disease and other findings, she outlined a flow that yielded great results. She also provided resources and reading that were extremely helpful. I was impressed that her intention was to teach us the elements or the structure needed to support clients on their healing journeys rather than just another procedure to follow. With this understanding of a framework, as new NLP and hypnosis techniques are developed, they can be incorporated with ease. I’m happy to share more or answer questions, upon request. I also opted to participate in personal sessions with Eva after the training. I learned a great deal experiencing the process both personally & professionally. – Kate Becker. CMS-CHt, FIBH

This has been an unbelievably GREAT experience.  The training I took from another school was clearly 2nd generation hypnotherapy and quite frankly, I always felt like there something missing… something more to learn that had more meat to it.  Your program gave me that by the truckload!  I have a client who’s been patiently waiting until I finished the training, so I’ll be able to apply this new material in the real world very soon.   Thanks again Eva for the incredibly good training program and for being an amazingly gifted teacher. Jeff Lewis B.A. CHt  (individual track).