NLP Allergy Process

NLP allergy process

NLP Allergy Process Webinar

One of the most amazing uses of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for health is the allergy process.  This allergy relief method, later renamed the Counterexample Process to extend its use to other issues, can create significant relief in allergies.

This process was first developed by Robert Dilts in 1985. During a symposium of NLP for health, one of the participants, Dr. Levin, explained that allergies were a kind of overreaction or phobic response of the immune system to a non-living matter. Rather than eliminating this material passively, the immune system seemed to interpret the matter as a dangerous virus.  Thus Robert Dilts worked with allergies with a combination of the phobia process reframing the matter as something that poses no threat to the body.

If you would like to prepare for the spring allergy season and offer this in your practice, consider this Program on NLP for allergy relief.

“Found the cat last night. Petted, rubbed, scratched him, then deliberately rubbed and scratched my eyes. No reaction. Could this really be true? After 40+ years? More experiments to come, but having that sense of “been there, done that” already. Will keep you posted.” Chris

“My experience of working with Eva M Clark on my severe animal allergy was nothing short of a miracle in my life.” Mitchell, Santa Cruz, CA

“It wasn’t until I spent time at my son’s house sitting on the sofa riddled with cat hairs that I realized I was truly over my cat allergy!” Judy, Watsonville, CA

This training was recorded as an online continuing education course through ACHE. In this program, we review and practice the NLP allergy process.  Includes lecture, handouts, and demo.

Duration: 1 hr
Lifetime access to video and pdf of handouts
Fee: $25*

* Free to students and former students of the Complete Training in Medical Hypnotherapy for Chronic Disease.