Biopsychosocial Model of Chronic Disease

The three factors in the onset, progression, and recurrence of chronic disease are biology, psychology, and social interactions. The biological factors (genes, hormones, nutrition, exercise, etc) have been the main focus of conventional medicine. The psychosocial factors are not directly addressed by medicine yet their influence cannot be ignored. This website explains how these factors affect health, contribute to disease, and how we can address this influence directly. MINDbasedHealing offers an ADVANCED  HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING in MEDICAL HYPNOTHERAPY FOR CHRONIC DISEASE for hypnotherapists, counselors, and NLP practitioners to address these factors.

How to Treat Chronic Disease

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What is Medical Hypnotherapy

Research in medical hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy & NLP Training

“MINDbasedHealing has a clear structure to work with chronically ill clients. If it’s a field that you want to work in, taking their course would be a wise investment.”

Eva Clark’s training expanded my paradigm of thinking and practice. She is an expert researcher with a gift for synthesizing information from diverse sources. I was able to implement aspects of my learning immediately with clients, with notably positive results.

Kate Becker


The Medical Hypnotherapy Training is very thorough and covers everything from the consent form through the full protocol for sessions with demonstration and practice. I highly recommend this program for anyone who would like to lead their clients to better health and lasting change.

Lori McDonnell

Our Founder


Eva has dedicated her career to understanding and working with the connection between the mind and the body. She discovered, early on in her training, that the mind has a powerful influence on our immune system and our health. Not only is the mind a contributor to physical disease; it can also lead the body back into health.

Eva M Clark